To be able receive payments with a credit card is a must these days, it's necessary and cost-effective. We help you save money on your acquiring bank through our partners. Compared to the usual banking fees, most of the time we are able to lower it by approx. 30%

PCI DSS / Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
Of course, the entire payment stage PCI-certified and follows Visa and MasterCard regulations. In order to be fully PCI-certified, a large and carefully work aimed at ensuring the security of the partners involved in the storage, processing and transmission of cardholder data. This certification is developed by the card companies and managed by their joint group of the PCI Security Standard Council. This is done to protect you as the cardholder, customer, partner and supplier. The certificate is issued each year and must be constantly renewed and updated to be valid.

With us, safety comes first. Therefore, we work only with partners who are fully certified and meet the very stringent safety of international issuers imposed on all of those who handle card payments.

Our partners have more than 20 years of experience to be the leader in card payments. With a global network of offices they can offer both local shops and global companies a complete solution, and around the clock support. Consistently ranked the top 5 in the world among global payment providers. In the background there is a large and stable shareholder in the form of US Bank.

With more than 1.3 million customers they have the experience and the weight to secure your payment flows efficiently. At the same time they can help you lower your costs in proportion to the size of your business to accept card payments.

Would you also save money while getting the support of one of the biggest banks?

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